Tuesday, February 26, 2008

just wanted to say...and some pics


there are pictures of me at pablo´s house...with pablo and with his little sister chichi who is 16 and i absolutely love her

Sunday, February 24, 2008

this is just pics...blog below

ok in the other post there are pictures of my dad me and my brother and sisters in our school uniforms and them pablo as school

one week..and some pictures

ok so it has offically been one week since i have been with my family....it has been interesting and i have learned a lot...i absolutely LOVE paraguay....it is amazing and the people are very nice and loving...there are so many difference though...this week i started school and i started my afs spanish lessons with 5 other afsers... it has been fun... we went to mericano cuatro or something along those lines on saturday with the spanish class we REALLY got to experience paraguay see it... it was sad but what you see is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY....even though it is a third world country i love it...this week has had its up´s and downs...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SCHOOL...even though i can not understand anything my friends are amazing and i love them soooo much....oh yeah i got a cell phone this week as well a CHEAP TIGO....with my cell phone i got to call my mejor amiga VICO.. that was the best thing... i called her house and her mom answered she doesn´t know english and i said hola esta vico and she said no blah blah then she asked me something and i answered in something similar to spanglish lol..and she was like ahhh vicos amiga en asuncion and i was like YES LOL...so that was fun and vico called back later on and i was so excited and freaking out lol...we have talked everyday...she lives 6 hours away and might come see me either today because her sister and mom are coming to asuncion OR hopefully next weekend....
sooo in school i met these amazing friends of mine Fati, Pablo, Di, Pao, and some others but these are my main ones......they are super awesome and very helpful to me...they can all speak a little bit of english Fati can speak it the best she is super smart and an amazing person she speaks 5 languages now that is ridiculous...she is super sweet as well...Fati Pablo and Pao are all christian and Di is catholic...but she loves jesus is what Fati says...Fati and Pablo have a burning passion for jesus which i absolutly love...they went to the congreso as the sheraton...it is a youth seminar i was so happy for them...Fati is always telling me everything will be ok...that i have them and that they love jesus so i can trust them...so we share that same passion for the lord and i am so happy that i found that with some of my partners at school....She invited me to go to the small group she runs on sunday nights so i have to ask my parents if i can go....it would be absolutly amazing...
oh yeah and about school i can´t do anything yet because i do not know the language that well so right now it is like just listening and attempting to talk in spanish as much as i can...
my family talks so fast..all of them do some of their friends told me that they can´t even understand them sometimes because they are so fast lol...so that made me feel a lot better....
oh yeah i went of my friend megans house she is from the usa..her family is so great..her sister is hilarious that was a fun time and adri came over she is my friend and a volunteer for afs paraguay...
some of the things that were hard for me to get used to was the military time it is 15:30 right now and the celsium and kilo lol...and my family stays inside a lot and i am so used to being out of the house in the usa with work young life and leadership and church that this is hard to adjust to... my sister andrea is soooo super protective...everyone she has talked that i talk to says that she is super protective over me....i guess that is a good thing....
wow i dont´know what else i can say...
awwww this guy asked me out for ice cream and he treated it was the cutest thing that ever happened jajajajajajajajajajajaja
well i guess i will close this because it is getting super long... but i love you guyss and miss you all...
esteffy <3

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hola ¿que tal?

hoy yo hable mas español..es dificil...pero yo trato...mañana yo empiezo el colegio..estoy muy nerviosa porque mi español es pequeño.. yo estoy un poco emocionada....mi hermanas andrea y majo me ayudan con español.y yo ayuda ella con ingles..hoy fue un buen dia

today i spoke more spanish..it´s difficult..but i tried..tomorrow i start school...i am very nervous because my spanish is small...i am a little excited....my sisters andrea and majo helped me with my spanish..and i helped them with english...today was a good day..

morning news...

ok so now i am starting school tomorrow!!!!! NOT NEXT WEEK!!!! ahhhhhh i am so stinking nervous

Monday, February 18, 2008

picture of me and andrea

this is me and my sister andrea..........


the pìcture that is up..is of me and my sister andrea....yesterday when i arrived.... i don´t know if i can add anymore..

yo estoy en paraguay

hola mi familia y amigos!!!! que tal??? estoy muy bien..

i am with my family in paraguay..they are very sweet..they have been so nice to me.. i love them already..andrea my older sister(by 5 months) can speak and understand some english... so we are helping eachother lol...majo(maria jose, yanina,matias,mi mama y mi papa do not know enlish...although majo can understand very little....my house is very nice..the weather is amazing..it is very hot...i start school next week and a christian school which is very cool....i have to wear a uniform which isn´t that bad it will make my mornings a lot easier... and i have a uniform for gym as well...some things are hard to get used to like celsius and military time when you look at a phone ahahha....there is a tradtional tea that they drink in paraguay..it is call terere it is cold you have a special cut and metal straw type thing you drink it from..and there is a mix type thing that you put straight into the cup...about 3/4ths the way and you have a thermo with ice water and you pour it in and drink it, it is FABULOUS!!!!! i love it.. i am addicted already ;) people carry it around everywhere and it is very normal to go to someones house just to talk and drink terere...its so hot that it helps you cool down...they have a hot version called mate....

there is a gesture and saying that people say when they agree on something it is mongure (not sure if the spelling is right...) it is actually Guarani...

mi hermana andrea is very nice and is helping a lot she is very interested in english and wants to come to pennsylvania with me :D hopefully that will happen...

oh yeah i have to wash my own personnal clothing which is cool but i wash it with soap and water in the shower..then hang it on a line outside...that is very interesting..my mom here washes everything else...

they also have a maid who cleans the house she is very nice....she told them that i am beautiful..which was sweet..

well i can´t think of anything else.. so i will post again soon ( maybe )

te amo
stephanie (teffy...or estefania is what they call me..)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Miami

Hey everyone I made it to Miami safely.... The weather is super nice today and i leave in like 7 hours or so to go to Paraguay!!! Yesterday was a very interesting day, i waited in the Miami airport for 3 hours for luggage and the "wonderful" ladies at the bagage service desk kept insisting that our luggage was there and that it was on the tar mat and that American Eagle(a branch off of American Airlines) take about 45 minutes to an hour to get it on the belt.. we kept asking and they said it was coming FINALLY 3hours later they tell us that our luggage is NOT in Miami.. of course i freaked and didn't know what to do.... I love it here the student that i am meeting are very nice and I can't wait to meet the other students coming from all over the world!!! I have loved the orientations so far some have been a bit boring but i love the one staff member or she is a volunteer she is wonderful and super helpful.. her name is maria and she is from Venezuala....wow this is so long and it just keeps going and going i could say so much...i have made a great friend his name is Phillip and i love him..hahahah he is great and it is so much fun to speak spanish and it is ok that i am not perfect lol...and they aren't either so we can correct eachother if we know how..... well i am so excited and i can't wait to be with all the other students and my family!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last YoungLife

oh my goodness so i just got back from my LAST YoungLife!!! It was so hard i was so nervous and that was different for me because i have been to how many clubs?!?!?!?! Yeah i have been to a lot but this one was my last one... i promised myself I wouldn't cry and i didn't, but other people did. Bob brought me up in front of Club and explained that i was leaving for the couple people that did not know.. Then he prayed for me it was so nice and i loved it, it was a happy thing not a thing that made me want to cry. But my little sister was crying Chelsea was Alexa man A LOT of people... I really felt loved but sort of overwhelmed man i can't even imagine what Sunday is going to be like!!!!!!??? wow i am really going to miss younglife and Thursday and Tuesday night leadership... i love all the people and i will miss em.... but yeah i am sorta sad but happy because i somehow impacted the lives of my fellow classmates.. i can't wait to come back and see a change in their lives!!!

5 days 20 something hours

hey everyone i never thought the time would go so fast and oh boy has it ever!!! I cannot believe i am getting to do my dream!!! woah i hope to see you guys at my going away party i am so excited!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

8 days 20 hours 10minutes and 31 seconds

Oh my gosh guys the time is winding down quickly! 8 days 20 hours 10 minutes and 31 seconds!! I have so much to do in a little bit of time. I am so excited though! My going away party is coming up and now this is all time for preparation and rest! I can't wait!

Friday, February 1, 2008


hola mi familia y amigos! Como estas? Estoy muy bien y muy nervioso! once dias til Paraguay!! There is a lot going on, i just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday (YES all 4!!) Which is totally crazy and my mouth hurts. I can't believe i am leaving in like 11 days some odd hours and minutes!!! ahh it is all becoming so real. I never really thought it would.. Well just figured i would share that with you