Thursday, May 15, 2008

hola mi amigos

hello everyone.. today is mothers day in paraguay and boy is it different. I love it here because the family life here is so close for everyone. I mean there are close families in the usa but i mean it is totally different here.... ok so my family and i went out to some very nice restruant and it was delicious. I really love my family i don´t think i could stress that enough...they are really amazing and my sister adri and i are super close and i love that i am learning so much from them and i am learning a lot more spanish as well!!!!!!! Yeah i can speak in conversation. woohoo for me.. So i have tried may things here, the way i do things, the was i talk, and i go to the hair salon lol to get my eye brows done and my hair washed and styled they do that a lot here.. sometimes once a week, and it is really cheap!! go paraguay....well i am getting a manicure and pedicure next time, but yeah i am doing th salon thing, i have also tastes a lot of things that i said i would never eat when i was in the usa. TODAY at lunch i ate sangre it is like grinded different animal meat and things lol and BLOOD a lot of blood and it is pressed into like a sausage looking thing.. but i mean the color is like blackish purple dark red all in and i also ate tongue of a COW!!!! ahhhhh it was so wierd but it tasted good like i know people say that and i am like shut up but i am serious it was actually really good....oh yeah and i also ate gizzards as well without knowing sister put it on my plate and was like eat and i was like ok it looked like chicken...ahhhhhhhhh sooo yeah i have eaten a lot of parts of cows since i have been there....and my brother-in-law said that heart is good too...ahhhhh i don´t know if i will try that one...
but yeah having this experience is so good and i love it
today is also the independence day of paraguay as well :D

well thats all for now

love you all
god bless you

Sunday, May 4, 2008


ok hello everyone....
i have offically been with my family for one month yesterday!!! I feel like it has been a lot longer which i think is good... my spanish is improving a lot...and i am starting to work on the verbs now that i can hold a conversation.....the verbs are actually really hard to learn but i know i can.....
I have been in paraguay for like 3 months....that sounds totally crazy i know the time is flying by!!!! I can´t believe i am actually here i don´t think it has hit me.. you would think being in a family that isn´t mine and not knowing the language would have hit me....its just weird i can´t really explain how i feel!!!! soooo yeah i absolutly love it here and my family is great...
Its so cute my nephew alexis always wants me to go to his house and play and today her went to my sister adri and asked if she thought i would want to go to the mall with him and his mom and brother and dad....and she was like you ask her and i was like sure if your mom wants jajaja but i didn´t go because i had school stuff to help out the mom said no lol but i don´t care its just cute that he always asks wheres stefi can she come here and so yeah i really love it my mom is super sweet and has a lot of patience......and i don´t know i feel really good here....
This week i start to play volleyball for school..... i am so excited!!!

talk to you all soon