Wednesday, July 23, 2008

when it storms it STORMS!!!!

hey everyone so i thought i would just leave a little bit of news!!! On Monday night we had a really BIG when i say BIG i mean BIG STORMMMMMMMM!!!! I have been here and when it rains in rains hard and on monday night it was like way worse then ever before.... it sounded like there was a tornado or something because of the wind... and the rain was Horrible.....i was in the key shop with my nephew and we were drawing together(everytime he comes to my house(which is everyday) he wants me to do SOMETHING with him its really cute) and the lights flickered and then went OUT!!! oh my goodness i HATE/scared of storms and hate them even more when the lights go out... i was like mmmmmmmmm this sucks... and i used my cellphone light to go to the kitchen with my nephew where everyone else was.... we lit candles had flashlights and cell phone lol... and we ate our dinner in the dark!!! it was soooooo weird and when the lights go out here they stay out for a long time... it was craziness...finally the lights came back on so my sister my mom and i went upstairs.. my sister wanted to watch out soapopera but the tv wasn´t working.. so i started working on YET another card for next wednesday... July 30th is ¨friends day¨ here... so i am making some cards for my friends...and as most of you know i am not a very artistic person soooooo i want them to look nice which the 3 i have finished look really nice.... so it takes a long time i have made three on 3 different days and the are really long(the letter part actually is long) and i don´t know i use glittler and everything... ahhhh lol and so while i was writing the letter part of the card to my friend di i was ALMOST done at the end of the card.. and YET again the lights went out... i wanted to scream out of frustration and i hate it because it was pitch black and could see a thing.... so yeah the lights when out again but for like 3 hours then i was trying to sleep and at around 1:30 they came back on... ahhhhh i was scared...when it storms in paraguay it is bad and things fall down like sooooooo many trees and signs...

Friday, July 18, 2008

about the photos!

First picture is of my and my friend Lau she was already for the performance for out intercolegio!!! She was one of the dancers from Bautista(my school)
Second pic is Christian(tall blonde), Fati, Pablo and me in the 15 party for our friend diana´s sister!
Third Pic is a picture of all the girls in my class at camp(girls of Batan ¨B¨ Class 2008 CBVM)
Fourth pic is of me and pablo at camp, at the dinner we were dates :0
Fifth Pic is of me and my sister Adri and my dads birthday party at my house!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


hey everyone!!! how is everything going??? I hope all is well in the usa!! I am doing really well in paraguay and loving my time here...this week starts week number 2 of winter vacation....i am really enjoying my vacation time, its time i can just rest and do things that i want to far i have spent my vacation watching dvd´s with my sister, went to my first 15th bday party which was amazing.. i was my best friends sister!!! Both clau and Di(my best friend) looked beautiful.. it is soo funny that here 15 for girls is like the BIG age ya know..and they were the most BEAUTIFUL dresses... the party was really nice, it made me want to be 15 all over again, just to have that beautiful party!!! I also went to the EXPO with my sister my cousin and my sisters friend... it is a place that has pretty much everything manufactured in paraguay for you to buy...there are so many things all the radio stations, some traveling companies,food,cell phone companies i mean everything, and there was a big concert with a lot of different performers it was amazing, first we were standing in the way back where the entrance was they people started to rush out and we were getting pushed around so we left!!! Then my friend gaby got her friend to get us all in to VIP and we were right at the stage and could see it sooooo well.. i have been to two concerts here so far and i was in VIP for both... that is pretty cool.... i also went to church and a celula its like a bible study with a teacher from my school, she isn´t my teacher and she is soooo young only 22, and she is my friend more than a teacher from my school, we hang out and talk a lot.. so it is really cool, and because she teaches at my school she is Christian, and she is evangelical which is awesome....i really like having a friend that is the age of my friends back home... but church was amazing i miss it soooo much, it was a really good time, the lord was really there and wow yeah.....this week i don´t know what i will be doing, hoping to get out with some of my friends and also have a girls night! that would be great.... and i believe i am going to the ranch out in misones thats another city in paraguay, and my family lives out there.. and we have horses there so thats cool, it will be my first trip out there.. so i am excited to see if we go this weekend... paraguayans change plans at the last minute or tell you that you are going to be doing something at the last minute as well... i am starting to get used to it, but for me i still have the american in me that i need to be on time or ATLEAST 10 minutes early... i love paraguay it is winter right now, but it is actually hot, but who knows with the weather here one week in the winter it can be stinking freezing and the next week you are smoldering.... lol... i don´t know i love it hot or cold paraguay is paraguay... sorry i haven´t loaded many pictures my computer is being really slow and one time i waited 45 minutes and the pictures still didn´t load.. i will try again soon.. miss you and love you all God Bless

Thursday, July 3, 2008

they left!!

wow... yo no puedo creer este... ayer yo y mis compañeros se vayan al aeropuerto porque un compañero de afs se fue.... y un otra de sociales, mi amiga rachel (de socailes..el noche antes ellos se fueron nosotros tenemos un fiesta por Gabriel.. re divertida... y hablamos mucho!!! dormi alguien por 2 horas y yo y otras por 1 hora.. entonces yo tener mucho sueño!!! bueno yo y mi mejor amiga diana y cristian se fue antes los otros y llevar los cosas de gabriel... mucho gente estamos en al aeropuerto... muchisimo familias de estudiantes de afs... otros miembros de afs.... y mis compañeros y los otros de socials estamos en al aeropuerto tambien... y no se como pero todos empezaron a hablar sobre cuando yo te vayas!!! y yo no quiero escuchar eso HIJO!!! yo tengo 7 meses mas aca... y los primero 4 meses pasa RAPIDISIMO!!!!!!! y todos deciron cuando yo te vas, todo quieren ir al aeropuerto...mi amiga gaby dijiste ella piensa cuando yo te vas todo colegio(seguando) se van a aeropuerto!! y mucho gente deciron tambien, ellos llorar cuando yo te vas.... y todo eso preparar yo siento bien pero triste tambien...... proxima semana es vacaciones gracias dois 2 semanas sin colegio... yo puedo DORMIR ya!!!! :D mmmmmmmmmm no se estoy emocionada por todo.. promocion, la fiesta de promocion, el viaje!!! no se todo!!!

wow i can´t believe this!! yesterday mi classmates and i went to the airport because one of our classmates from afs went home... and another from sociales my friend rachel..the night before they left we had a party for was a lot of fun, talked a lot!!some people slept for 2 hours some others and i slept for 1!! sooo i was really tired!!!ok so mi best friend cristian and i went to the airport before everyone else because we took gabriel his things! there were so many people in the airport! many families from afs..and other students from afs too!! mi classmates and the students from sociales too!!! i don´t know how but everyone started to talk about when i leave!! and i didn´t want to hear about that GEEZ!!!i have 7 more months here... the first 4 months when by sooooooooooo fast!!! and they said when i leave they all want to go to the airport!! my friend gaby said she thinks when i leave the whole high school part of the school will go to the airport!! and people said when i leave they will cry! but all of that made me feel good but sad too!!
this week coming up is winter vacation!!! thank god 2 weeks with no school!! I CAN SLEEP!!!!! mmmm i don´t know i am excited for everything... graduation.. the graduation party!!!the senior trip!!i don´t know everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!