Saturday, April 26, 2008

news news news happy news

ok hello everyone.... i am with my new family and i love it... I live with the Zarza family i have 2 sisters Lili is 32 and Adri is 17 and my brother Fer is 21... i have to nephews as well alexis(ale) and Mathias(Mati) and a mom and a dad....the family is so amazingly sweet and kind...i really love it here...they have been so great to me and they are very different from my other family....They have a lot of family time and that is exactly what i wanted...
my mom is going to teach me how to cook paraguayan food sooo i am really excited because it is delicious!!! I think i like this food a whole lot better then the food in the USA...its so natural here and mmmmm yummy........
Tomorrow morning i am cooking breakfast for my sisters so lili is coming to our house.. they are excited and i am NERVOUS!!!!
the whole family is sweet even the extended family... i really feel comfortable which is a great feeling...

sooo school is really good and i am trying very hard...i do a lot of work and copy even if i won´t understand....i have taken 2 physics exams and i have done pretty well... lol never taken physics in the usa but i can understand it here....i am also doing a presentation in spanish for contablildad...i actually hate that class and the teacher is horrible...but i am here for school and to be emersed into the culture sooo thats what i am doing...

I love my friends so much and i meeting so many more people...and they are all so sweet...its cool i can speak spanish so-so and they can hardly speak english but it works.......

and going to a christian school has many advantages.... i am meeting really amazing christian boys and girls....but christian boys.... i don´t know too many of them in the its really cool....

hmmmmmm i oh yeah i am joining our schools volleyball team so thats exciting and i can´t wait.....i am joining with my closest friend at school diana....well di and fati are my closest friends.....but i am joining with di!!!!

hahaha its so cute if i say di and fati are my best friends at school..----my sister gets sooo jealous....and i didn´t know until yesterday....paraguayans are very jealous people i have learned..... but yeah

i don´t know what else to say i hope this caught you up some..

miss you and love you all
thanks for your prayers and support..

my new address.....------------>below

Stephanie Whitcroft
Curupay 1080
entre Encarnacion y Concepcion
Barrio: Hipodromo
Asuncion, Paraguay

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

in my new home

hello everyone i am in school right now but i had a chance to update all of you.... i am in a new home with a great family i was really nervous because of my past expierence but i really had to let that go and move on... i am in the same school because i am living with a classmate... her name is adri i absolutely love her.... going into a friends home i think made me even more nervous but she told me to not worry that everything is ok and that everyone in her family wanted me there so i am so happy.... we really hang out like sisters and i dont´know how to explain my feelings but this is the type of family i really hoped for coming here....and her mom is going to teach me how to cook traditional paraguayan food and so will adri.. so thats exciting... there are so many differences with the families and i fit so much better with this one...and i feel 100000000000% better and at home... i will update more..and go into detail when i have time.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

messed up

everything is so messed up right now with the families... and people saying yes we want her and then they can´t... all i can do is pray and it is very hard for me right now... i am so full of different emotions and its hard because i am on an emotional roller please pray please

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

news news news

ok guys so the one thing i did not want when i was leaving as an exchange student was to switch families and well that is whats going to happen this week... please pray that the new family i get is what god whats.... i knwo i really want and believe i should be en la casa de marive meza.. but afs is giving me a hard time because thats what i want but they are looking at 3 families and i believe that includes the 2 families that called asking to host me... i will let you all know details and new addresses when i find out.. but please pray i really believe full heartedly that i should go to marive´s and i found out today that her mom is 7 months pregnant i didn´t knwo that when i told afs i wanted to go there... and for all you who know me.. ...thats right up my alley

thank you please pray

Thursday, April 3, 2008

hola hola hola hola

hola todos..
yo quiero a mejor en escriber aca... pero yo estoy muy ocupada y yo intento a salir aca posible es mas...yo en coleigo todo dias de la semana y aveses yo salir con mi amigos despues colegio.....yo tengo 3 hermanos y un primo aca....tan yo necesito tiempo jajajaja

colegio es genial me encanta mi mejor a highlands jajaja el uniforme es bueno no mal... no me importa.....

mi amigos yo le quiero muchisimo, yo intento mucho a hablar mas en espaƱol pero es muy dificil para mi porque yo se el congegations de verbos claro q si...

hello everyone
i want to be better at writting here... but i am sooo busy.... but i try to go on here as much as possile....i am in school everyday of the week and sometimes i go out after school with my friends.... and i have 3 siblings and one cousin here.. i need more time.......

school is great i love my school.... it is better then highlands hahahaha ;) ;P the uniforms aren´t bad... i don´t care

my friends i love the so much....i try to speak in more spanish but its very difficult because i dont´know how to congegate the verbs....of course lol...