Sunday, September 21, 2008

hey everyone i am sooo happy this week is finally over!!! The Olypics at my school ended on friday with relief i say i am happy hehehe... it was a great experience but on crazy week of sports music chess and more... it was a great expierence our whole school was split up into 2 teams team white and green... i was on white just because my sister is on that team and she was captain.... they take this thing very seriously... but it ended with international dance it was soooo fun there were soooo many people!!!! BLANCO (WHITE) WON!!!! yayaayayayayayayay!!!! we will have to wait now for i don´t know how long to get the results of what color won it all... music night i think was my favorite... my best friend lau sang and it was great, and lots of my friends actually sang or played an instrument... it was awesome... a night just full of fun!! i am having so much fun we did have classes this week.. well two hours but no one worked... now it is work time again and we are almost done with school like 2 more weeks of classes and then we go into testing... and i ¨¨graduate¨ aguante promo 08 CBVM.....

all of the pictures are from the week of the olympics
the group of people are from blanco...
then there is the banner
the 4 people sang at music night incredible
the girl in the dress was the queen (my friend gaby)
then me and lau my best friend

Sunday, September 7, 2008

pics of my bday

en los fotos
1st yop flavia y kitty en mi cumple (me flavia and kitty in my party)
2nd practicamente todo (almost everyone in my birthday)
3rd yop y mi mama (me and my mom in my birthday)
4th yop y ati( me and ati in my birthday)
5th todo en god´s pan 2 de septiembre (everyone in gods pan the day of my bday)

Friday, September 5, 2008

my birthday

guau!!!! 19 años hehehe que viejo verdad!!!! mi cumpleaños ya pasaste demasiado bien, ya re diverti y todo... ya tenia mi fiesta en 19 de agosto en mi casa y mucho personas ya venieron.... ya tuve un tiempo bueno con todos... ya bailamos, cantamos, sonrie jejeje un tiempo de amigos verdad.... y despues en 2 de septiembre(mi cunple) yo tenia una fiesta en mi colegio... mis compañeros ya compraste torta y coca y todo que bueno verdad...en colegio en martes nosotros tenemos asembalea eso como iglesia verdad.. y cuando esta termine ellos pediron para mi a pasar enfrente todo(estaba timida...jeje enfrente todo el high school) jeje pero mi profe guia ya orar para mi!!! hay diferencias en cultura con cumpleaños y por suerte ya provaste todo jejeje... y me fui a gods pan por almuerzo con muchos de mis amigos... y despues a la noche me fui a o gausho con amigas por cena... por suerte mis amigos son lo mejores...porque ya no pense mucho que...¨que lastima no estoy con mis amigos y familia....¨ en realidad estaba con mis amigos y familia en mi otra hogar... pero ya ayudan que no me pogas triste!!! mi cumpleaños en serio fui demasiado bueno y estoy muy contenta....
wow 19 yrs. old!! how old right?!!? my birthday went very good, i had a lot of fun and everything... i have my party on august 29 at my house and a lot of people came! i had i very good time with everyone... we dances, sang,laughed, haha a time of friends!! and then on sept. 2(my bday) i had a party in school too.. my classmates bought cake and coca cola and everything... really nice right!!in school on tuesdays its like we have church and after it they brought me to the front and my teacher guide prayed for me.. it was sooooo nice i was very happy.. there are differeneces in culture with birthdays and how lucky! jaja i got to experience them.. hehe like you take a pic like you are biting the cake.. and sometimes the push your face in it... well they did it and twice hehehe... for lunch i went to eat with a lot of my friends at gods pan, and then at night we went to o gausho for dinner,.. lucky my friends are the best because i didn´t think a lot like ¨man this bites i am not with my friends and family...¨ in reality i was with my friends and family in my other home...but they helped me not be sad----- my birthday was seriosly good.. i am very happy

i don´t know why but it won´t let me upload fotos... i will do that another day

love you all
god bless