Sunday, August 24, 2008

weeks weeks

ok wow so the last couple weeks have been crazy!!!the last weekend a young girl at the age of 13 from 7 grado was killed.. it was an accident but it was very tragic.. she was in her aunts and uncles house, her aunt came home and opened the door to pull in the car that is when 3 robbers entered in as well...i am not sure it they went in the house i was very confused, but somehow one of the robbers had wendy(the little girl from my school) around her neck up against the robber.. the guard of the house ended up shooting off his gun trying to shoot the robber and he ended up shooting wendy in her head!! it is such a horrible story, and it just show how short life can be and that no one is promised the next minute!!! This tragedy was very hard on the kids in 7,8,9 grados... are school prayed a lot for the family, the little brother of the girl is also in our school....

good news, our school has olympics!!! it is a pretty big deal, i didn´t really know that but know i do!!! they actually pic captains from 3cero curso(seniors) to be captians and co-captains...there is the white team and green team!!! my sister is the CAPTAIN of the white team...there is two captains a boy and a girl, and the co-captains a boy and a girl for both teams... but it is a really big deal these olympics and it is even a bigger deal to be choosen as captain... i am blanco, because my sister is, and obviously she is the captain.. all family members are on the same team... i guess it gets SUPER COMPETATIVE!!! at one part of the olympics we have class only until 9 and then the rest of the day is sports!!! isn´t that just really cool!!! but i don´t know i will have to let you know more about that when we actually start!!! jajaja----

my birthday party is this friday thats pretty cool!!!! I am excited!!!! i have about 50 people or something on my list for my party... not everyone will come i don´t think.. but lots of people want to come... so i am excited for my party!!! and my birthday!!!!

i spent the night at my superrrrrrrrr closeeeeee bff´s house last night after the barbacue at my classmates house...(that was a lot of fun) and this morning we went to the airport to see christians brother off.. he is going back to germany to study!! then diana and i made OMLETS...(i must say i make a KILLER OMLET!!!) i made it for di before and she loved it and her family wanted it sooo bad...jajaja they all loved it so that was really cool!!!!!!! and then we started to make stuff for noki... it was amazing delicous.... we went to christians house and finished everything there and ate with his family... then di,christian,clau(sister of di) and i watch definatly maybe in christians room....and then we went back to di´s house to drink TERERE!!! i love terere...i drink soooo much and it isn´t bad either.... i pee a lot when i drink it but its ok jajajajaja... i will definatly be bringing home alllllllll the things for terere!!!on my way back home on the bus there was a girl..and she was hitting her chest and crying like she couldn´t breath or something i don´t know it was sooooo scary... and then she just stopped everything.. like moving everything her eyes were closed... i don´t know what happened...the lady who was with her..started to shake her and hit her(not meanly but you understand) and she was unresponsive i didnt know what to do...there we two police men and they stood her up and her knees buckled under..the one police officer picked her up and carried her of the bus....then set her down in the grass...the lady was shaking her and moving her but was totally unresponsive.....i don´t know it look like she just died it front of everyone.... i was soooo scared and taken back by that.... i really don´t know how to explain it.... but all i could do was pray sooo thats what i did.. but still it was soooo scarey and i felt soo bad...

and now i am at home and writing on here.....i really want to do things with the poor kids on the road.....i have always wanted to do something, and i think i am going to go for it....maybe once a week go to the same spot and spend time with them....i don´t know i will be praying about it to see what god wants me to do....but i really feel as thought i should do that.....just my precense could we will seee....... i think those are all the things i wanted to say so i will be writing again soon... thanks for reading.
god bless

Saturday, August 16, 2008


todo los fotos son de mi viaje a la casa de vico
all of the fotos are from my trip to vico´s house!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I went to visit vico!!!!

Hello everyone!! how is your summer going!?!?! I am loving paraguay!!! On the first of agosto i went to Ciudad del este, well hernandarias... that is where vico lives! i don´t know if everyone remembers her, but she is was in the usa 2 years ago, and we were really close and together a lot.. haha we were looking at her pictures from the usa when she was with me.. and she has a picture of KAYLIE she was soooooo tiny because vico came to church with me one time for an activity i don´t know which!! but that was cute that she had a picture of kaylie hahhaa... but the trip was amazing i have wanted to meet her family since i dont know when.. i met her sister and her sisters husband because they live in asuncion and vico has come to visit me before!!! but i really wanted to meet her parents!! well she came here and then we went back to cde on the bus and her parents picked us up at midnight or something like that i don´t know what time LATE Lol...and her parents were so great and i was so excited to see them and meet them... her mom was saying so many things i was almost crying... and when vico was in the usa i gave her a bible in english that i wrote in for it.. and her mom was like vico still has her bible.. and soooo many things i don´t knwo it was sooo great.. and when it storms in py the lights are not working and well i guess the lights were out for awhile in their house and when we got there they were out too.. but her mom was like give me a hug hija it means daughter but it is like a sweet name.. and she was like i am sooo glad to meet you.. and all that it was soooo sweet... vico and i stayed up and talked for awhile and ate because we were hungryyyyyyyyyyyy!!! lol... they next day i got to see a day in the life of vico.. hahaha because her mom has a clothes company like in their house.. and they actually have people that sow them there hahaha it was soooo awesome, we went into ciudad del este and walked around, then noe(her cousin who is amazing) vico and i and her friend sergio made pizza HOMEADE it was soooo fun, and then we went to bed early because we were going to foz iguazo on sunday morning.. haha we did a lot on saturday sooo we were actually really tired... but sunday morning we got up early to go to brazil(to visit foz iguazo) it was soooo beautiful and amazing i was so excited to go because i remember vico telling me about it when she was in the usa and i wanted to go sooooooo bad when i got here... and it was sooo awesome to see gods creation like that... it was sooo beautiful incredible!!! then it was sad because i had to leave from my visit.. i wish i had more time to visit them.. but it is ok because i will be going back!! i have so many pictures but they aren´t downloading to my computer from my camara so i will go to kodak to get all my pictures on a cd then download them to here... they are beautiful i am serious.. i hope all is well... i cant believe i have been here for 6 months already.. it has gone but soooo fastly!!!!!!i only have like 5 months left!! I don´t want to leave!!!!! ahhhh lol...