Saturday, June 28, 2008

campa 08!!!

hola todo!!
como estan!! estoy muy bien, hace mucho frio aca pero no me importa me encanta mi tiempo en paraguay!!! en la semana pasada yo tener un campamento del mi colegio por 3 dias!!! yo soy en 3cero class 08 entonce el campa es diferente de otros por los alumnos del divertida la premiero noche nosotros tenermos un cena de ganas. y mi amigo pablo preguntaba si yo quiero ir con el como su compañera.. re chulinaaaaa.... re divertida... en el campa yo habla con diferente gentes y ser amigas con mas gentes en mi colegio... en el campa yo llorando pero por muchas cosas nosotros hablaron sobre muchas cosas y dar gracias tambien... mi mejor amaiga diana dar un keychain a mi en la autobus cuango llegamos a campa... y yo tengo uno y ella tambien es un historia larga pero re dulce..... cuando yo volver en 7 meses yo voy a extrañar ella un kilambo!!!!!

hey everyone
how are you!! i am really good... its really cold her but i don´t care i love my time in paraguay! last week i went to a camp for my school for 3 days! i am a senior class 08!!! so the camp was different for the other students at cbvm... it was really fun the first night we hada special friend pablo asked me if i wanted to be his partner to the dinner it was SOOOOOO cute and a lot of fun.. at camp i talked to a lot of differnet people and am friends with more people in my school.... in camp i cried for a lot of things... we talked about alot of things and said thank you too... my best friend diana gave me a keychain in the bus when we were going to camp... i have one and she has one.... it a long story but really sweet, when i come back to the usa in 7 months i will miss her like no other!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hello everyone...

hey everyone!!! how is everything going?? everything here is really great, i am really happy and enjoying my time... on sunday it was fathers day here as well... my mom made lunch(lunch is the biggest meal here) and it was amazing(as usual) and it was a fun day... i am learning that i do not hold alcohol i am allowed to drink in my house with my family no one else...and after we were don´t eating my sister and i made sangria...hahhaha that was funny it has fruit juice and fanta soda and wine..... i has one glass lol..and i was so tipsy, my face was sooooooooo red!!!!! drinking here isn´t really a big deal....the drinking age here has been changed to 20 but no one listens to that really...and it isn´t a big deal... people here drive there cars and have beers in their hands and stuff and i have never seen an accident here NEVER!!!and people walk down the street with a beer here... i really like that here there in no pressure to drink!!! if you don´t want to.. you don´t have to thats cool i i can go to a club and not have the pressure to drink.... my friends here drink and i don´t want to sooo i don´t and afs doen´t allow it anyways....only in my house with my family...and here wine is a part of the culture my house has so much lol for my dads birthday i bought wine and for fathers day too....but here after meals mostly on sunday everyone drinks a little wine... but i do not hold my alcohol well is going well right now i am in informatica the computer lab, no one in my class came today including me there are 6 people!!!! so i decided to we have a celebration for fathers day from 10-12.... because thursday and friday i am done with school and 12.. thank goodness....but yeah for mothers and fathers day we have a celebration in school....its very different here....on the 17th i went to a concert and HUGE concert of Alejandro Fernandez!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! i loved it i was in vip as well which was a cool different experience... i went with my righthand WOman my sister adri and my old her sister lili and her friend....there were sooo many people... and i have never seen so many girls in love with one man.. there were like 16 year olds screaming they love him and he is their love... craziness i know lol he is like 36 but i mean i love him to her is very handsome and SINGINGS like you couldn´t believe i am so serious and an awesome performer....he sang and talked it wasn´t like he wanted to just get it over with... he is MEXICAN!!! and had a mariache band and wore a torero... it was really awesome i had sooooooo much fun!! then i didn´t get home until after 12 and went to bed after 1 and then got up and went to sister had another thing for school, and i had to go to school for the first time in like 3 months or something without her.... it was soooo weird i am soooo serious... i dont need her there but it was weird...because we are together like all day everyday... attached at the hip lol.....she is like my bestfriend here... so it was a very different thing for me...and i didn´t text her and at all...and in one point of the day she texted me and was like ahhhhh i miss you in spanish of course but it was mom saw me walk through the door after school and she was like how weird you are alone... but yeah everything is going soooo well here... my brother is doing a lot better he had surgery to fix his broken nose and his nose looks great...and my nephew is amazing..has a lot of energy and the tests came back good...just a couple days after the hospital he had like little epaleptic(i know i spelt that wrong) attacks.....buit all is good now por suerte!!!!! but yeah i just wanted to catch everyone up...thank you soooo much for praying for me and my family thank you sooo much.... talk to you all soon... god bless you and your families....

Saturday, June 7, 2008


these are pictures from my trip to the chaco


Hola todos, disculpame por falta a escribe aca. yo estoy re ocupada en serio!!! Con colegio, y actividades de mi curso 3 Batan B....en la semana pasada mi curso tenes un actvidad nombre es intercolegial, nosotros trabajar muchisimo antes la actividad.. el noches estar incredible en serio mucho gentes, y todos le amo la intercolegial....y ahora mi clase a trabajar por 2 diferente actividades tambien, y en la semana pasada tambien yo ir el chaco con mi curso de mi colegio tambien, el chaco es re diferente parte de paraguay y asuncion....el chaco tenes mucho historia de paraguay, guerra, y mucho... cuando yo estoy en el chaco nosotros visitar un factoria de vaka, y ellos matar la vaka ahi y hacer todo con eso... y nosotros ver todo proceso... que asqueroso!!! en colegio yo trabajar mucho y ayudar el profe de ingles jaja re simpatico es... aca el relacion con profesor o profesora tan diferente... yo y algun profesora son amigas jaja...y mucho estudiantes tenes la numero de los profes... mi vida ahora es re buena, me encanta paraguay y ahora yo no quiero volver eeuu... pero yo pienso en enero posible yo quiero jaja :p-- por favor todos, orar por mi hermano muy temprano en la mañana hoy a las 1 o algo mi hermano tenes un accidente y es muy malo en serio...por favor orar..

hey everyone
sorry that i have missed on writing here.. i have been soooo sooooo busy seriously.. with school and activities with my class.. senior batan b!!!! last week we had an activity call an intercolegial, we worked sooo hard for this activity before that night, that night was incredible seriously soooo many people and they all loved it..and now my class is working on 2 other activities, also last week i went on a trip with my class to the chaco and very different part of paraguay and asuncion..the chaco has so much history up there about wars, and other things...when we where in the chaco we visited a factory where they killed cows and did everything to them...and we got to watch gross!!in school i work a lot and i help the engligh teacher hahaha so the relationship with the teachers is so and some of my teachers are friends lol...and a lot of students have the phone numbers of the life right now is really good...i love paraguay and now i don´t want to go back to the usa... but by january maybe i will want too...
please everyone pray for my brother early this morning maybe around 1 my brother got in to a bad car accident...please pray

thank you all